School Closures, Self Isolation and Your Kids… DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!

My thoughts after 3 days…

We’ve been in isolation for 3 days now – my middle Confi-kid developed a
cough (which I’m sure is just a cold), but we followed the Government advice and
battened down our hatches. Since day 1 (yes only 2 days!) my thoughts on how
to approach this have massively changed and I just wanted to share them with
you, in the hope they may offer some kind of help?

When we realised our Confi-kids were not going to be at school sooner than we
expected I went into a bit of a panic. Felt like I needed to create something that
would add structure to our days – keep them busy and off their screens and
make sure that they didn’t miss out on anything… but this was being fuelled in
my mind with a constant sense of the unknown – with both mine and my
husbands work, would Easter Club still be running, how would I approach the
situation if it was not, have we got enough food to last isolation, are our families
ok, would we be ok financially with everything being cancelled… all those adult
stresses and worries we are all feeling at the moment. But it was these that were
feeding my NEED to have everything super organised and I was losing sight of
what would actually work best for US, for OUR FAMILY.

I don’t know about you guys but my Instagram feed and Facebook page are
inundated with ideas about how to ‘Home school’ your Confi-kids during the
school closure (most of which I’ve loved and saved loads and will share some
with you as the days/weeks go on), or images of colour coded timetables,
educational resources to use, lots of advice on keeping structure in your day –
and it is brilliant – a social community pulling together to help each other out in
times of need – BUT… as I woke with slightly more clarity today after those
tough decisions by the Government yesterday followed by tough decisions by the
Confi-kids team – I realised that my constant scrolling on social media, soaking
up these ideas and timetables and structures were not only NOT HELPING me,
but actually adding to my WORRY and STRESS, and I had a long discussion with

• I know that for ME, trying to teach my own babies in the last 2 days whilst
trying to get the house ready for weeks of kids at home, and dealing with
the worry of the unknown was a bad idea.
• I know that for ME, a structure and ‘normal’ lessons DON’T work!
• I reminded myself that the kids are not going to suffer if I extend the
weekend and pretend it starts today! They will be OK if I let them stay in
their PJs as they’ve been requesting – and actually its ok if I stay in mine

I realised that this is GIFTED TIME. I can use this time to do all the crafts
and games I’ve wanted to do for ages (THEY WILL LEARN ENGLISH AND

I can use this time to teach them the invaluable life skills that I feel I never
have time to when life is normal – I am always rushing and do it all myself
as showing them how to do it would take too long – but as of today they
will take turns to help with the following:

  • Empty and load the dishwasher
  • Cook dinner / prepare other meals
  • Feed the animals
  • Help with the washing

I will get the resources from school out – I plan to make a tray/ bowl / space for
each child with the books in, some pencils, colouring pens/pencils and some
blank paper and leave it accessible for the kids. If they’re bored or looking lost I
will direct them to it and sit with them if they need me too, or they may find it
themselves, but over the next few days/weeks I am NOT going to force it- I am
not going turn it into a battle. No one needs that at the moment. And of course –
its ok if next week all of this changes again and I decide we do need more
structure – THAT’S OK TOO!

BUT – this approach does not work for everyone – just as structure doesn’t work
for me – for you it might be the way forward…

I guess what I am trying to say is, this is scary and unknown and a situation no
one has faced before… so TAKE TIME. Think about how you can make it best
work for you. Don’t worry what your friend, neighbour, people on Instagram are
doing… figure out how life will work best in your house and don’t feel like you
MUST make all the decisions and have all the timetables RIGHT NOW. It seems
we could be in this situation for a while… take it slowly and don’t burn out right

Make a timetable/don’t make a timetable / make one and don’t stick to it –
whatever works for you!

Stock up on coffee and wine, download some good podcasts, find some good
books, let the children watch their screens, pray for SUN so we can go outside,
smell the spring flowers and try to find peace.

For us all to survive this unsettled and unusual time we need be calm and find
happiness where and when we can. Our children will benefit from this more than
English and Maths lessons.

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